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Location: Ørnes, Meløy

Function: Public stage

Building period: August 2020

Client: Ørnes grendelag

Materials: Untreated norwegian pine

Material dimentions: 2"8 and 2"3

The stage is placed on the south of the site, from an idea to shield the space between the structures from the summer winds. This would also leave the view to the west open, and on sunny summer evenings the space would be willed with sunlight. The roof of the stage plays the main role, as a 5 meter span is created through a  truss system: Two trusses are combined together in an angle to form a space - truss, wich both supports the roof and handles the 5 meter stage span. The space - truss is visible from the audience area, but we hope it does not steal the show! 

Plan 1.50-01.png
Fasader nord og sør.png
Langsnitt 1.50-01.png
Tverrsnitt 1.50 -01.png
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