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situasjon shelter.png

Location: Nyksund, Norway

Function: Weather shelter

Building period: Spring 2022

Client: Campus Nyksund

For the shelter to withstand the harsh weather conditions, we gave it a shape that is opening up away from the wind. We realized quite early that we needed some kind of triangle structure to hold it in the cross direction. These sections gave us a shape that will make the wind push it down into place. The building ends up splitting the wind like a ship splits the sea. 

diagram 2.jpg

While working with this shape it gave us many different associations to the town. When sitting on the benches that are turning slightly away from the window, one gets the feeling of sitting in the hull of a boat on its way out at sea. The shape also reminded the locals of the space underneath the fish drying racks that used to be spread across the islands, and people felt it would be a good symbol for their town. The space now became a symbiosis of a strongly industry-inspired construction and a rectangular window with a sitting bench. We hoped in this way we could reflect the place really well as a symbiosis of industry and the home. 

Plan A3 as built.jpg
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