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SOAR sit.png

Location: Nyksund, Norway

Function: Public sauna

Building period: Planned late spring 2021

Client: Campus Nyksund

Both form and size of this project is given by the rock (hence the expression «form follows rock»). It also serves as valid foundation as it probably weights about 50 ton. No further encroachment on nature is needed than small anchor points directly into the rock.

Sauna perspektiv 3.jpg

Inside the sauna the rock serves as floor and base for the stove. The construction will leave a gap to the stone so that water easily can find its way out without harming the wood in any way. As long as the walls and roof are able to hold the heated air it is ok for a sauna to have a cold floor with gaps. In fact the cold rock will create a natural swirl to the moist air and hopefully provide the sauna with a good «löyly» when applying water to the stove. 

sauna construction.png

Frame with bypass construction is anchored to the rock

Anchorpoint on the side of the rock

Sauna perspektiv 1.jpg
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