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Location: Ørnes, Meløy

Function: Pavilion

Building period: August 2020

Client: Ørnes grendelag

Materials: Untreated norwegian pine

Material dimentions: 2"8

A platform under the trees surrounds a large stone, resting on a base of gravel. Three wooden walls around it creates a more intimate situation. They are placed orthogonally to the stage, so that the pavillion is more open to the space between them, and closes to the east - west directions. The walls also creates microclimates: It shields the inner space from the main roads and wind from the west, and on the other side they serve as ”sun walls”. The opening of the platform makes it possible for elderly and wheelchair-users to be a part of the inner space, and be included in an informal meeting area. 

Pavilion Section 1.50.png


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